Visitor Center

Visitor Center Located near the main entrance to the park, this structure contains restrooms, a museum display area, two theatres and a book and gift shop. The Visitor Center is open during regular park hours with parking provided nearby.

Museum Display The museum display area contains exhibits showing the history of the Revolutionary War, clothing and everyday items from the period and artifacts directly related to the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Cannon Barrel

Davidson Wallet Once such item, which is no longer on display, was the wallet of General William Lee Davidson. The wallet was removed in July of 2002, and returned to England. The accompanying photograph was taken on July 4, 2002, the last day which the wallet was to be displayed.

Playing in the large theater is the short documentary "Another Such Victory - The Battle of Guilford Courthouse." This film, featuring actors and re-enactors in period costumes, re-creates the events which transpired on that fateful day in 1781 when the soldiers under Greene and Cornwallis met. The mini-theater presents a slide show explaining the movement of the troops during the battle.

Also located in the Visitor Center is a book and gift shop. Here the shopper will find items related to the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, the Revolutionary War and to local history.

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